Friends of Keith Festival


Seafield Veterinary Group

Keith Football Club 

Ryan Rodger Joiner

Keith Bowling Club

Stagestars Scotland

Spey Valley Brewery

Councillor Gary Coull
Councillor Stewart Cree
Dennis Murdoch
Karen Dalgarno
Theresa Coull
Wilma Murdoch

The "Friends of Keith Festival" Scheme
Businesses and organisations can become a “Friend of Keith Festival” by donating a minimum of £30.  Individuals can become a “Friend” by donating a minimum of £15.

For their donation “Friends” will have their website or contact details, as well as their company logo, displayed on a special section of the Festival website.   Individuals will have their name on the website should they wish.

This is a way for your business or organisation to help Keith Festival and by publicising your information hopefully the Festival can, in turn, help you.

If you would like to become a “Friend” then call Gary Coull on (01542) 888471 or

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